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Go Joe 20

Go Joe 20

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Go Joe 20
The Go-Joe is an inflatable tube structure attached to the deck of the kiteboard that uses the natural forces of bouyancy distribution and wind to roll your kite board right side up and accelerate it down wind. These features combined with high visibility and additional floatation will make the use of surfboard style leashes in kiteboarding obsolete.

Traditional surfboard style leashes used to connect kiters with their boards have proven to be dangerous in both the water and on land. The GO-Joe is a new "leash free" tool to assist in the retrieval of your kiteboard without fear of being impacted or impeded by a leashed board. The GO-Joe is perfect for beginners and intermediates learning board recovery techniques. Advanced riders will appreciate the faster board recovery in extreme conditions or while learning new tricks.

Go Joe 2.0
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