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Kinder Shuttle



Kinder Shuttle

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Kinder Shuttle
The KinderShuttle allows families to recreate in the winter outdoors good weather or bad! Uses the same sled hull, waist harness, and poles as the basecamp sled.
A well padded child seat with 3 point safety harness. Even if the sled tips the child is held safely in the center.
A 1,000 denier Dupont Cordura nylon cover and clear vinyl wind screen that rolls away in good weather. (We use -42 degree F cold crack vinyl, the very best.)
The whole thing weighs about 12 lbs.
A Chrome-moly steel tube supports the canopy and acts as a tip bar preventing the sled from ever rolling.
Harness is designed to handle up to a 60 lb child. The sled can carry anything or one you put in it.
We often pull teenagers and adults.
Fits preset tracks, skate ski or head down the trail.
Quickly breaks down to fit into any car.
The KinderShuttle was designed with the outdoors in mind. Go in any weather. You don't need a baby sitter; you need to get out!

A large top vent exhausts moist air while keeping snow out.
2,000+ cu in of storage for diaper bag, thermos etc.
Wind screen can be rolled out of the way.
White canopy support tubing (very strong), keeps the sled from rolling and supports canopy.
With the sleds molded runners you can easily skate.
Two fit easily with big sister holding little brother.

Kinder Shuttle
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