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Our 40th Year!

Outdoor Adventures!

We no longer are offering Adventures, Tours or Classes.

We will continue to offer sales of select outdoor gear.

We want to thank our customers for 36 great years of Adventures and Outdoor Fun! We have enjoyed getting people into the great outdoors.

We do not want to thank the Insurance problems our industry is having. We were fortunate to not have a problem with any of our trips, but due to outragous lawsuits in the industry, we found getting liability insurance for outdoor adventures to be expensive to impossible.

We also do not want to thank the Colorado Department of Reveune. We believe in paying our Taxes and work hard at being compliant. We recently went through our 3rd Sales Tax Audit. In the past, it was a one day process, the auditor found we were compliant and we were done. Now, even a small business is subject to a 3-6 month process where every purchase, sale, shipping record, reservation have to be reconciled and proven. After hundreds of hours to prove we paid our Sales Tax correctly, we have encurred expenses that we can not pass onto our customers. The cost of this Audit to the State of Colorado exceeded the Sales Tax the State collected over the 3 year Audit. We hope this will change, as other businesses may not be able to afford the costs of this Audit and the State of Colorado is wasting tax payers monies.

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