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Centennial Canoe Trip Gear List
Our 43rd Year!

Canoe Trips

Gear List

What to Bring
* Rentals Available, (please see rates below)
Day trips Multi-day trips
Day Backpack or Fanny Pack Tent*
Swimsuit & Shorts (quick drying are best) Sleeping Bag*
Sun Hat Mattress Pad*
Tennies or Secure Sandals for on the River Camp Chair*
Shoes while in camp Personal Toiletries including Bio-Degradable Soap & Towel
T-shirts Flashlight
Jacket Small First Aid Kit (guides will have a comprehensive kit)
Long Pants & Shirt (quick drying are best)  
Moisture Wicking Socks or Wool Socks  
Spare Car Keys  

Canoe Trips Items to Keep Accessible in Your Day Pack
Refillable Water Bottle (we will provide the water)
Rain Gear
Insect Repellent
Sunglasses with Strap
Snacks (optional)

Camera/Film (recommend inexpensive or disposable camera)
Hiking Boots
Water Blaster (keep accessible at all times!)
Soda Pop
Alcoholic Beverages*
Medium-Size Cooler: 24-28 qt. (use ice blocks - not cubes!)
Garbage & Zip Lock Bags (provides extra waterproof protection for your gear)
Musical Instrument*

Don’t Bring
Firearms or Fireworks

What Centennial Canoe Company Provides:
Chemically Treated Porta-Potty & Privacy Tent
Boats / Paddles / Lifejackets
All Meals from Breakfast on First Day through Lunch on Last Day
Complimentary Wine with Dinner
Drinking Water & Lemonade
First Aid Kit
1 Dry Bag/Person for Your Gear (3.8 cu. ft.: 16” diameter x 33” tall)
Rescue Equipment
All Kitchen Gear
Fire Pan for Campfires & Cooking

Equipment Rental for your canoe trip

Centennial Canoes has camping equipment for rent. Please call to check on availability.
For a private canoe trip, please see our Canoe Rentals.
  • Reservations must be made one week prior to departure date.
  • Credit card required for damage deposit.
  • Camping gear rented for one of our commercial trips will be available at the first breakfast.
Equipment Rental Rates for 1 Trip Replacement Cost for Lost or Damaged Items
1-2 person tents $28 $75
Sleeping bag $21 $28
Thermarest mattress pad $15 $70
Camp chair $10 $18

Trip Details:

Bathroom Personal Hygiene
We provide an enclosed portable bathroom facility on all trips because we understand that personal comfort and privacy are important in the backcountry. Your guides will make every effort to make you feel at home. The river provides a great opportunity for bathing after a long day on the river. Please bring your biodegradable soap and towel.

Meals on the river Meals
On multi-day trips, feast on shrimp hors d’oeuvres, wine and cheese after setting up camp in the afternoon. A varied menu may include salmon fillets, barbequed ribs, fresh salad, rice and pie for dinner. If you have special dietary needs, we encourage you to bring the foods that you require in a cooler and we will be glad to cook them for you. On the 1-day trips, the lunch may include appetizers, croissant deli sandwiches, potato salad, fruit and cookies.

Canoe Safety Safety & Paddle Instructions
No previous canoeing or sea kayaking experience is necessary for most of our trips. Basic paddle strokes and safety procedures will be taught the first morning at the river put-in and thereafter as needed. For our more advanced rivers (Dolores), we recommend 1 experienced paddler per boat & children be at least 13 years old.