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River Guide Glossary
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River Guide


Probe Boater - The person/boat that goes first over a drop. This person/boat then probes the drop for rocks, holes or dangers. The boater uses their boat and paddle to poke around for dangers. (Note: Scouting should be combined with running any rapids where the boating route is unclear.)
Strainer - Tree/fence/wire/rocks where water passes through an obstacle. These strainers are like fish nets that can catch and drown boaters.
Screamer - A long rapid or an entire run where the white water is continuous. If you panic and start screaming at the top of the rapid, you will scream for the entire rapid/run.
Mystery Move - Usually a squirt boating maneuver where the boat and boater sink below the surface of the water. Hydraulics/holes can also mystery move larger boats.
Maytag - Like the washing machine, where a boater or swimmer goes around and around in a hole or powerful eddy.
Window Shading - Similar to Maytaging, except the boater is flipping and rolling like an over-wound window shade.
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