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Golden Playpark
Our 43rd Year!

Park and Play Boating

Golden Playpark
Clear Creek in Golden

Location:The whitewater park is located on 10th street in Golden ¼ mile west of Washington ave.
From Boulder take hwy 93 south to Golden. Turn left on Washington St. then right on 10th Street. There is a big parking lot on the left past all the baseball fields. Park there. Please see our map. Our map is downloadable in pdf format and we have a map that can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS.

Golden River Park
Description: The whitewater park in Golden, only 20 minutes from Denver and Boulder, is Colorado's quintessential park n' play land. The park has about a dozen different whitewater features making it great for all ability levels. The first rapid is a smooth glassy wave that is ideal for learning how to surf. The park has many eddies making it a great place for beginners to hone their eddy hopping skills. A slalom course has also been setup for events and training. The rodeo hole is in front of the bleachers and is best run far right. There are service eddies on both sides of the hole. The surfer's left eddy has the easiest access. The hole is frothy and good for cartwheels and flat spins. The hole is deepest to surfer's right or downstream left side.