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Boulder Kayak Playpark
Our 43rd Year!

Park and Play Boating

Boulder Playpark:
Boulder Creek in Boulder

Location:The whitewater park is located in Eben G. Fine park at the mouth of Boulder Canyon. Go west on Arapahoe all the way to the park and park on the right. Please see our map. Our map is downloadable in pdf format and we have a map that can be loaded onto a Garmin GPS.

Boulder Kayak Park
Description: The whitewater park in boulder was built before the modern day play boat. The drop structures are not the best design for modern playboats. However, there are lots of squirt lines and splat rocks to keep you amused. The course begins with a six foot slide drop into a huge pool. This is the most exciting drop on the course, and can be a fun challenge for the beginner/intermediate. The next drop is a ten foot long slide that is run to the far right. The rest of the course consists of small drops and holes that land in large pools. This section is excellent for beginners to practice eddy turns, ferries, peel outs, and rolls. The drop after the bridge is called Widowmaker. With good water it can get pretty sticky, so hit it with a lot of speed or portage. Widowmaker is great for big enders and blast wheels. If you flip over in the hole it may give you a little thrashing. Many boaters have practiced their breast stroke here. The course continues for another ¼ mile. This section is a little faster and more continuous than the upper section. Take out before the next bridge.