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Lake Dillon Snow Kiting
Our 43rd Year!

Lake Dillon Snow Kiting

Frisco, Colorado

Snow Kiting is the fast growing winter sport!
Frozen lakes are great places to kite. You will get a cleaner wind off of a lake to use for your kiting. For novices or expert kiters that are doing jumps and freestyle, Lake Dillon is a great place to kite. The area described below is on land, with the lake just to the North of where you start. Please note that the Blue River comes into the reservoir at this location causing open water on the lake. Please do not kite over open water or thin ice, as it will result in an extremely bad day if you fall in and could result in your demise. There is also open water where Ten Mile Creek comes in as well. Check with locals as for ice safety and be careful.

How to get to Snow Kiting on Lake Dillon
You can use our Google Maps on the right side of this page for directions and drive times.
The area that most people are using is at the boat ramp at the most southern point on the lake. From I-70, take the Frisco exit, head south on route 9 for 4.2 miles, then take a left onto Co Rd. 1, then another left immediately onto the road going north toward the lake. Route 9 is also the road going to Breckenridge. You can also access the lake by other points that have public access.

GPS Location
North 39 34.233
West 106 03.181
Lake Dillon
You can download a printable map by clicking here.

Lake Dillon Weather
Lake Dillon is a great place to learn how to snow kite because it often has a good clean wind to fly in. Wind is always a challenge to predict and get right for mountain areas. The wind is best for kiting at Dillon Reservoir when the wind is out of the North or Northwest. High pressure and a clear day will also improve your chances of a good kiting day. Winter storms are unpredictable if they will produce good kiting winds. Winds out of the South and Southwest do not work for kiting on Lake Dillon. You can get a current weather report by clicking on Frisco Weather and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a table of weather stations and wind reports. You can also view the Breckenridge Ski area web cam to get an idea of the weather.

  NOAA Graphical Weather Forcast
NOAA has a great map of Colorado that you can use to see temperatures, wind + direction, snowfall etc. Give it a try, it is pretty cool. NOAA Graphical Weather Forcast