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Rafting Gear Rentals
Our 34th Year!

Rafting Gear Rentals

5 star camping on a remote river beach

Rent the gear to run rivers

Rafting equals a great time in Colorado. We are now renting rafting gear, including paddle rafts, rowing rafts fully rigged for multiday and expedtion raft trips. Please check out our raft rental program, and reserve online. Rent our top of the line rafts for your next river trip. We even have trailers for some of our rafts, so you have minimal rigging.

We rent 9 to 16 foot, fully rigged oar-frame raft set ups for multiday expeditions and fishing trips, as well as paddle rafts. Our oar-frame rafts are great for day trips and multi-day trips such as Cataract Canyon, Westwater Canyon, Yampa Canyon, San Juan, Middle Fork of the Salmon. To rent an oar frame setup, experience is required. You must have rowed at least one whitewater river in a loaded raft to be eligible for an expedition raft rental. Rafting equipment is very expensive, so it is important to be familiar with rafts and how to pack and row them properly. You should also have a knowledge of rivers, whitewater, and river rescue. Our paddle raft is great for rafting on the Poudre, Arkansas, or any other river trip.

9’ to 14' Paddle Raft Packages

All paddleraft packages include: SB raft, bowline, pump, patch kit, and a throw rope.

In addition to the items listed above each paddle raft package includes:
Paddle Raft Packages unique items for each raft
9' Paddle Raft
2 paddles and PFDs
13' Paddle Raft
6 paddles and PFDs
14' Paddle Raft
8 paddles and PFDs

13’ to 16’ Rowing/Expedition Packages or Fishing Packages

Includes Self Bailing raft, bowline, pump, patch kit, plenty of cam straps, and a throw rope.

In addition to the items listed above each oar raft package includes:

Oar Raft Packages unique items for each raft

Rental raft for fishing

The Angler 13' Oar Raft Package
Frame with seat and thigh-brace for fishing, and 3 oars
Day trip cooler
3 PFDs
Trailer with hitch ball and a cable to lock up the raft

Raft rental with trailer

The Fourteener 14' Oar Raft Package
Frame w/ seat and 3 oars
Cooler and drybox
3 huge drybags and 4 PFDs
Complete with trailer and the raft is fully rigged.

Family Raft Rentals

The Mother Ship 16' Oar Raft Package
DRE Frame with seat and 3 oars
Cooler and drybox
3 huge drybags and 4 PFDs
Trailer with hitch ball and a cable to lock up the raft

Overnight rentals can be picked up after 5pm and returned before 11 am the next day.

Rental Requirements
The person renting the equipment must sign a waiver and be at least 18 years of age. A security deposit is required for the value of the item being rented. The security deposit is best as an imprint of your credit card. If the person picking up the rental is under the age of 18, the waiver will need to be signed by a parent. Please contact us for the paper work if a youth will need to pickup the rental without a parent.

1. Check the calendar for availability
2. Reserve your rental and specify dates.
3. Your card will be Authorized (not charged) for the amount of the damage deposit at the time of pickup, (the security deposit).
4. A half day rental can be picked up and returned anytime during business hours on the same day.
5. You get a free pickup and drop off day for rentals that are a minimum of one full day.

Run a river Experience is required to rent a raft. You must have rowed a raft on at least one river to be eligible to rent a rowing raft. You should also have a knowledge of rivers, whitewater, and swiftwater rescue. * If you reserve an item that is already reserved, yet not marked on the calendar, we will contact you immediately to resolve the issue. It’s rare, but it’s possible for an item to be double booked before the calendar is properly updated.

We offer a free pick-up and a free return day on rentals that are one day or more. For example, a rental that is picked up anytime on Friday and returned anytime on Monday would only be considered a two-day rental. For these rentals, you may pick up your rental 4pm to 6pm the day before your trip. Your rental must be returned by close of business the day of the trip. If your rental items are not reserved to another customer the following day, we can be flexible. When you pick up the equipment, you will need to load it onto your vehicle. It’s the driver’s responsibility to check that gear is properly loaded. Please bring tie downs if you plan to load rental items on the roof of your vehicle. We have some cam straps to help.
When you pick up the equipment, you will need to load it onto your vehicle, or connect the trailer. It’s the driver’s responsibility to check that the hitch ball is the correct size and it is correctly connected to the vehicle. If you are renting a raft on a trailer, the trailer is covered under the driver’s insurance policy. When on the trailer, the raft needs to be about 95% inflated and strapped down.

Upon Return
* Please clean all equipment before returning it. A wet sponge cleaning is fine. Toilet Systems MUST be completely emptied, cleaned, and all parts accounted for. This can be done at any RV park or State Park campground.
* Once the gear is clean, bring it to the back entrance of our store on 15th St. Notify an employee that you are ready to check in gear. They will check all equipment for damage. If there is damage, your security deposit will be held until the cost of repairs are determined. At that point, you will be notified of charges, and they will be added to your card. Then the security deposit authorization will be lifted.

Excessive Damage
Fees for excessive wear and tear including holes, tears, large abrasions will be accessed based on repair materials, labor and depreciation of the equipment.

Damage and Security Deposit
A fully refundable damage/loss security deposit is required at the time of pick-up, & will be held with your personal check or credit card. Repair charges will be assessed for repairable damaged equipment. A contract/liability waiver must be signed by the renter at the time of pick-up.

Additional Items
50 User Day Toilet System, Fire Pan, Roll-a-table, Dry Box, Additional Dry Bags, Sun shade, extra cooler.

A three-day minimum rental is required for hoilday weekend reservations.

Rental Prices 1/2 day or overnight 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day extra days damage
9' Self Bailing Paddle Raft Package $60 $90 $120 $140 $170 $20 $1500
13' Self Bailing Paddle Raft Package $95 $150 $230 $295 $350 $20 $1500
14' Self Bailing Paddle Raft Package $125 $160 $240 $310 $365 $20 $1800
The Angler 12' Self Bailing Fishing Oar Raft w/trailer $125 $175 $345 $425 $465 $25 $2500
The Fourteener 14' Oar Raft Package $195 $195 $365 $450 $495 $25 $6500
The Mother Ship 16' Self Bailing Oar Frame Raft Package w/trailer $225 $225 $395 $475 $535 $25 $6500
Deluxe Bimini Cover for rafts Sun Shade $0 $15 $20 $24 $27 $2 $250
Personal Floatation Device (PFD) $6 $6 $10 $14 $16 $2 $60
Helmet $6 $6 $10 $14 $16 $2 $50
Fire Pan $10 $10 $16 $20 $24 $2 $150
Cooler $10 $10 $16 $20 $24 $2 $150
Dry Bag $8 $8 $12 $16 $20 $2 $100
Paco Pad Sleeping Pad 2x28x72 $10 $10 $16 $20 $24 $2 $225
Aluminum Drybox $12 $12 $20 $26 $32 $4 $400
Roll-a-table $6 $6 $10 $14 $16 $2 $100
Groover 50 Uses $10 $10 $16 $20 $24 $2 $200
Groover Spare Tank $6 $6 $10 $14 $16 $2 $100
Xtra Paddle $4 $4 $7 $10 $12 $1 $30
Drysuit $35 $55 $65 $75 $85 $10 $600
Farmer John Wetsuit $10 $10 $16 $20 $24 $2 $100
Waterproof Paddle Jacket $6 $6 $10 $14 $16 $2 $100
Neoprene Booties $6 $6 $10 $14 $16 $2 $100
Super Tube $15 $15 $18 $21 $24 $2 $50

To purchase and own your own raft: Purchase to Own

At this time, we have finished with our rentals for the summer season of 2014. We are in the process of checking our used gear and putting it on sale. Please check back with us for rentals for next year.

Rental Pickup Location
Whitewater Tube Company at 3600 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO. Shop Hours: 10am to 6pm
Please see our directions and driving times in the upper right hand corner of this page for the location of Boulder, Colorado. You can enter a starting location and our website will load a Google Printable Map for you and estimate your drive time.

Cancellations/Refund Policy

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