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Velocity 2016 Freeride Race Kite Only

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Velocity 2016 Freeride Race Kite Only

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Cabrinha Kites Velocity 2016 Freeride Race Kite Only
Velocity 2016 Freeride/Race Kite Only
7 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 13 / 14 / 16 / 18
Rider Profile: The avid kiter that wants a powered up, freeride session with plenty of hang time.

Transform your riding with our most powerful, most efficient, and most stable kite to date. The Velocity kite sits at the top of the performance freeride class by virtue of its efficient bow kite design. Its technical platform is derived from the game changing Crossbow design, giving it the type of clean power needed for boosting huge jumps or racing around a course.

Fine-tuned with a high aspect ratio, and a full bodied profile, it delivers exceptional up wind performance. Its flat arc shape makes it ideal for huge lofty jumps and silky smooth landings. More feedback in the bar allows for the ultimate power and depower. The Velocity has the most power per square meter in our range, giving experienced riders a unique blend of horsepower and the ability to effortlessly control it.

Features & Benefits:
Efficient performance
Huge wind range
Unsurpassed upwind ability
Great for huge, lofty jumps
Depower on demand
Excellent for bigger riders
Pair with any board in your quiver

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Velocity 2016 Freeride/Race Kite Only
Cabrinha Kites