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The High Camp Hut a Mountain Refuge
Our 37th Year!

The High Camp Hut

Backcountry hideout and backcountry ski lodge

Winter Hut Picture
The High Camp Hut, at 11,000 feet, is comfortably furnished to shelter you from the elements yet lets you feel the pulse of nature. From the windows one looks out onto Sheep Mountain, San Miguel Peak, and the spruce forests of High Camp. What a wonderful place to spend time with your friends and family and renew your soul. The High Camp Hut was built from the logs harvested on the High Camp property. This incredibly scenic 320 acres are surrounded by National Forest. The lodge boasts a large main room and kitchen combination complimented by a cozy wood stove, inviting couches and dining area. It is a great gathering place for you group, and a wonderful place to return to after a day spent exploring in the San Juan mountains. A wood -fired sauna warms the marrow of you bones and relaxes you after an adventurous day.
Upstairs are four comfortable bedrooms and a loft. The lodge can accommodate 10-12 people. You may bring your own sleeping bag or we can provide them for you. The bathroom is a composting outhouse. Drinking water is hauled into the lodge and wash water will be from melted snow in the winter and a spring in the summer.
What is there to do?
Many people just want to relax and enjoy the outstanding views once they arrive while others love to explore this wild area.
In Winter:
There are endless possibilities for skiing and snowshoeing as well as a great sledding hill. The backcountry skiing here includes a great beginner hill right out the front door and expert terrain for the backcountry skiers. I have been told that this area is also great for snowkiting.
In Summer:
There is also great horseback riding, and hiking in the summer. You may even summit Sheep Mountain! Inside Hut Picture
How much does it cost?
The nightly rental fee includes firewood, cooking utensils, and bedding (if you wish). We can arrange for your gear to be transported to the cabin and back for an additional charge. Gear may be hauled in for $50.00 per direction. Cindy will meet you at the trailhead and this service may be arranged with her.
"Once you experience The High Camp Hut at High Camp you will understand why I am so committed to keeping the doors open for you to enjoy the Mountain Joy! It is my dream to share this beautiful spot with people who love the mountains." Cindy Farny-Mallett
Mountain Joy is found hiking through the woods, gazing at the incredibly clear starry night sky or breaking bread around a candle lit table at the end of a great day in the mountains.

The High Camp Hut
The High Camp Hut, at 11,000 feet, is comfortably furnished to shelter you from the elements yet lets you feel the pulse of nature. From the windows one looks out onto Sheep Mountain, San Miguel Peak, and the spruce forests of High Camp. What a wonderful place to spend some time with your friends and family and renew your soul. The kitchen includes all the utensils, pots, pans, a 4 burner wood stove, a propane grill outside with propane, a 2 basin sink and wash tubs. There are solar powered lights and an outlet that may power up electrical items. There is a CD player, so bring your CD's for additional ambiance. Please note that periods without sun will limit electricity.
Pets of any kind are not allowed. Because you are boiling snow for water, animals present a serious health hazard if they are allowed near the cabin. In addition to this concern, there are concerns with animal waste and the harrassment of wildlife. Driving Map Getting to the Cabin
Where is The High Camp Hut?
The High Camp Hut is located in Southwest Colorado, just south of Telluride and North of Durango. High Camp consists of 320 acres surrounded by the San Juan National Forest and is accessed from Highway 145 just to the west of Lizard Head Pass. You may either hike, horseback ride, cross country ski, or snowshoe the two and half miles through meadows and spruce forests to get to High Camp. High Camp is just to the south of Sheep Mountain and San Miguel peak.
You will access this lodge by a snow covered road. The road is usually packed out and easy to follow. It is important that you always carry a map and compass and know how to use them. A GPS, (Global Positioning System) is also an extremely helpful tool. It is recommended that EACH member of your group have a copy of a map in case you get separated.
Click here to download a pdf of this road map.
You can also use Google Maps to see a satellite image of this area and to create a map. topo map of The High Camp Hut

Click here to download a pdf of this topo map.

Please see our release and the rental agreement that will need to be signed and sent in.
These documents are intended to ensure that you are aware of the hazards associated with backcountry travel, and that you have stated in writing that you accept these hazards as part of the sport. As a backcountry participant, you accept that risk is inherent in your activity. However, in the event that an accident occurs, this waiver is also a clear indication to your relatives that you were aware of and accepted certain risks in your chosen activity. It is impossible for anyone to guarantee safety when dealing with the wilderness environment. If you are willing to accept responsibility for your participation in this activity please download and fill out the waiver and sign it and return it to us before you use the High Camp LLC’s facilities.
Thank you for your effort in copying and signing these forms. Please click on the links above to download the PDF files.
Rental Agreement to be signed by the trip leader. Release form to be signed by everyone including children using the High Camp Hut.
Both of these forms must be received by Cindy before your trip departs for the High Camp Hut.

Safety and Emergency Contacts
For Avalanche information, please call the Avalanche hotline at 303-275-5360 or view current information from the Colorado Avalanche Institute.
In an emergency, please dial 911. You may also contact Cindy at: 1-970-728-8050 the owner of the lodge.

Please take it out with you. This way we keep the animals out!

Backcountry Huts Cleaning up and Departing the High Camp Hut:
Please leave the Hut clean. Sweep the floors, wipe down the kitchen and dining area, clean and put away the dishes. Restock the wood. Turn off the propane stove. Bag up the garbage and carry it out with you. Make sure all the doors are closed.

Guest Book:
Reading and writing in the logbook is a tradition. Please share your thoughts.

Making a Reservation
Reservations for the lodge are for the entire lodge. The Boulder Outdoor Center no longer makes reservations for this hut.

Please use this link to make a reservation: The High Camp Hut

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