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Novice River Trip 1st and 2nd River Days Glenwood

If this is the reservation you wish, please continue, otherwise please review this reservation.

To build this reservation and get you a price quote, we need the following information.

How many people total for this reservation?

Will you require 3 season tent rental?
Please let us know the total of how many you will need:
The equipment fee if you decide to use the gear is: $ 20.00 per person.

Sleeping bag and pad rental?
Total people for this option?
The fee for this option is: $ 16.00 per person.

Are you participating in this adventure?
Yes I am going
No I am not going, I am just paying for this reservation.

You can get the discount of: $ 39.00 on this trip/clinic.
You can get this discount when you have a: You have signed up for a Lake Clinic in addition to this clinic all in this reservation.
Yes, I should get the package discount.

Notes: Anything else we should know?

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