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Rafting Packing List
Our 38th Year!

Raft Trip Packing List

Raft Gear Checklist for Day Trips

Boulder Outdoor Center Suggestions
Helmet (for more difficult whitewater, included with our trips where it is needed)
Sunglasses with retainer strap
Sunscreen (suggest waterproof and apply before your trip)
PFD - Personal Floatation Device (included with all of our trips)

Clothing (weather and water temperature dependant. Note that wetsuits on harder rivers provide flotation and armor)
Wetsuit (depends on the time of year and river, we suggest the Farmer John style) (available for rent)
Paddle Jacket (available for rent)
Hat for sun protection
Polypro or synthetic layers (top & bottoms)
Nylon/synthetic shorts or swimsuit - quick drying
Nylon or synthetic shirt (avoid cotton!)
Foot ware: Wetsuit booties or sandals with a heel attachment. Sneakers will work, but will be cold when wet
Wool or polypro socks if wetsuit booties are not being used or in addition to

Personal Water Bottle, (should have a way to clip in, a carabiner works well for this)
Small drybag to hold small items, (optional)
Lunch/food (included in all of our full day trips, yes we can accommodate most special diets, please let us know)
Extra Snacks for small children and people with diabetes
Waterproof Camera and film (optional)

Raft Gear Checklist for Multi Day Trips (in addition to the list above)

Drybag, (provided on all of our overnight trips) about 15" diameter x 24" high. When properly sealed, bags are usually waterproof. Once in a while one could develop a problem, so if you have concerns, also ziplock items. Please remember to keep your gear light and compact

What To Wear in Camp at night
Short sleeved shirt
Long sleeved shirts (one light, one warm)
Warm jacket, windproof or Fleece (water resistant) with a wind barrier
Long pants (one light weight to block sun, one fleece or wool/warm for night)
Camp shoes or lightweight hiking boots
Wool or fleece hat
Poncho/Rain Suit, quality is important
On trips that may be cold at night
  Long Underwear
  Gloves wool/polypropylene or Ski Gloves

Camping Gear
Tent - lightweight with fly and/or ground sheet
Sleeping pad – thermarest or equivalent
Sleeping bag - lightweight, compact, preferable not down and warm enough for the time of year of your trip

Personal toiletries
Your regular bathroom kit, shaving is optional!
Tampax/Ziplock Bags 1 bag per day
Towel light/compact, dries quicker 
Kleenex small travel pack
Lip balm with sunscreen
Insect repellant
Flashlight or headlamp
Prescription medications
Retainer strap for prescription glasses
Biodegradable soap and small towel
Stuff Sack to keep clothes wet/dry separated, ie pillow case or plastic bag

Optional Camping Items
Camp chair (compact only)
Reading materials
Fishing gear and license
Extra Beverages No Glass Please, liquor, wine, canned-beer/wine coolers/specialty pops/juice
* Fanny Pack for walks 

Personal Eating Utensils
Cup plastic mugs work well
Eating Utensils

What to bring on a raft trip

Notes for your raft trip
You can rent many of these items from us in Boulder or through our partnered tour operators.
Do not bring glass-bottled beverages, radios, firearms, pets, and non-waterproof wristwatches. Please limit gear and clothing to no more than 15-20 lbs. Warning: Expensive cameras, binoculars, or other items should not be brought on your trip. In the event of a loss our insurance will not cover these items.

There is a chance of inclement weather any trip so please be prepared. Polypropylene, fleeces, pile, bunting, capeline, etc. are a few examples of trade names for a class of synthetic materials that retain their ability to insulate when wet (please note, cotton does not).