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Snowcat Skiing

Winter Park, Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Less than 1 hour drive from Denver

Our operation lies less than 1 hour drive from Denver. The closest powder skiing operation to the Front Range. If joining us from the Grand County you will meet at our World Headquarters in the Village at Winter Park. Our Jones Pass location gets the benefits of storms that flow in from all directions. We typically get hit by all the Colorado storms. This means you get the best chance for sweet skiing conditions when you ski with us.

You will spend the day skiing virgin snow at an average elevation of 11,000 feet. The high altitude combined with good Northern exposure keeps our snow cold and light. Your first ride up in the cat the guides hold a safety briefing, and talk about skiing procedures for the day. There will be plenty of time to ask questions get your gear organized and crank some tunes to get you amped......more Send an email to a friend