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Our 37th Year!

Kayak Instruction

Learn to Kayak!

We have built a nation-wide reputation for quality whitewater instruction. Our courses are held year-round and can accommodate beginner through advanced, from children to adults.

We often have multiple lessons going on at the same time which allows us to arrange people into groups that are ideal for their learning. Youths, women and the natural quick learning kayakers can often be in their own groups.

We have the kayak lesson for you.

You can sign up online once you have chosen the lesson you wish to take. You are always welcome to call us if you have any questions. Kayaking is fun!

First time kayakers will start with one of these classes

Kayak Introduction Lesson in a pool.
Novice Lake Lesson First time kayakers that want to learn the basics of kayaking leading to kayaking on rivers.
Novice Indoor Pool Lesson 3 Evenings Pool class equivalent of our Novice Lake Lesson.
Novice Three-Day Lesson Combine any lake class with 2 days of river kayaking and save money!

Kayak river classes

Novice River Lesson Beginner river lessons. Prerequiste: Our lake class or 3 pool classes.
Intermediate Kayak River Lesson A natural progression after 2 days of river kayaking.
Advanced Lesson
River Rescue Lesson Class III kayaking ability required

Sea kayak and lake touring classes, great for first time kayakers

Sea Kayak and Touring Novice Full Day Lesson Learn how paddle lake and ocean kayaks.

Classes for kayakers wishing to be kayak instructors

ACA Kayak Instructor Clinic
ACA Instructor Update Lesson
ACA Swiftwater Instructor Lesson

Additional kayak class options

Inflatable Kayak River Instruction
Private Instruction
Open Pool Kayak indoors in one of our pools, for experienced kayakers that do not need instruction
Pool Kayak Rolling Lesson 1 Evening For those kayakers that have been through our lake class and need some help with their kayak roll
BOC Policies
Kayak Schedule

Kayaking Basics

All kayak lesson prices are based on 4 participants per class unless it is a private class. In the event of low registration, we will give you the option to pay a surcharge which will make the trip happen with a smaller group.

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