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Kayak Lesson Pricing
Our 37th Year!

Instructional Prices

We have lessons for youth through adults who like the outdoors.
Most one day classes run $139.00. If you sign up for two days of classes, your two day rate will be: $239.00 saving $39.00. If you sign up for 3 or more days, your total for 3 days of instruction will be: $349.00, saving $68.00 over our daily rates.

First time kayakers will start with one of these classes
Kayak Introduction Lesson in a pool. (2 hours)
Novice Lake Lesson First time kayakers that want to learn the basics of kayaking leading to kayaking on rivers. (6 hours) Combine this class with our river trips and save money.
Novice Pool Lesson (3 evenings)
Novice 3-Day Lesson Combine any lake class with 2 days of river kayaking and save money over our one day rates! (* Best Value!)
Kayak river classes
Novice River Lesson (1 day)
Novice River Lesson (2 days) Save $20.00 over our one day rates by booking 2 days together!
Intermediate Kayak River Trip (2 days)
Swiftwater River Rescue Lesson (2 days)
Sea Kayak and Touring Novice Full Day Lesson Learn how paddle lake and ocean kayaks (6 hours)
Classes for kayakers wishing to be kayak instructors
ACA Instructor Course (5 days)
ACA Instructor Update (2 days)
Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Lesson (5 days)
Additional kayak class options
Advanced Kayak instrucion
Open Pool
   Open Pool gear fee
Pool lesson 1 night of instruction

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