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Affiliation Program Overview
Our 38th Year!

How the Program Works

The Boulder Outdoor Center will pay you a commission for customers you send to our website. We will pay your business/club 6% for any online purchases of merchandise, new or used, trips and clinics.

To be an Affiliate of Boulder Outdoor Center:

You will need to log on or set up a new account, then have a special link on your site that your customers use to access our site.

Affiliates of Boulder Outdoor Center:

Affiliates drive internet traffic to through specially formatted links that allow us to track sales and other activity. Affiliates earn 6% in referral fees on revenue made through their links. We then send quarterly payments to BOC Affiliates. Once you join the program, we will give you access to the BOC reports and link information. This is where you will be able to view your current sales commissions and see options for our special links. We have a simple online form for you to fill out. Joining our Affiliation is free. We will do all the tracking of customers, what they purchase and send you a commission check. We have the html code you need to link to our site. A simple copy from our site and paste onto your site will get you started making money.

BOC Agreement:

We have an agreement we ask you to read and agree to before becoming an Affiliate. We need to approve all Affiliates. The agreement may be canceled at any time by you or us, in writing. All Affiliates must have a website or be able to promote the Boulder Outdoor Center with our special links. All Affiliates must be a business, Sole Proprietorship, Non-profit, Corporation, etc.
If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.

Other benefits to our Affiliates:

You will be able to purchase items from our online store and get a 6% commission on your own purchases.
In the near future, we hope to offer our Affiliates special pricing on all items in our store. When we do put this deal into effect, these purchases will not receive the commission fee. The programs will be mutually exclusive.

Please join our Affiliate Program