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Stand Up Paddling Instruction
Our 37th Year!

Stand Up Paddling Introduction

First Time Stand Up Paddlers

Stand Up Paddle Boards This clinic is great for youths through adults who like the outdoors.
First-timer lessons.

We will go over the basic paddle strokes and work on gaining stability on the board. This class will cover the differences in board shapes and sizes, transporting SUPs, and how to pursue the sport of SUPPING.

All equipment provided.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Price per person
SUP Intro Lesson $69.00

* Minimum age is 8 years old and over 65 pounds.
Your Front Range Source for SUP Instruction

Standup paddling (SUP) originated in the Hawaiian islands and is fast becoming the paddle sport of choice not only on the coast but on rivers and lakes throughout the Rockies.

SUP offers amazing fitness, balance and coordination in a non-intimidating, fun manner that appeals to all ages. Our goal is provide easily accessible rentals, sales and instruction for the Front Range customer.

Swimming ability is not required, but recommended, as this class is on the water. The workout that you will get by Stand Up Paddling is based directly on the amount of energy that you put into. You can easily paddle around without exerting yourself or you can pull on the paddle and get a great workout.

What to Expect
This class is designed to expose you to a new sport and teach you the proper technique to excel in Stand Up Paddling, (SUP). Your instructor will teach you about the design/shape of a SUP board and how this effects performance and stability. They will go over stretches for paddling, safety considerations, self rescue techniques, proper technique to stand on your board, and paddling technique. You will be up and paddling around the lake during this class. Your instructor will continue to give you pointers as you paddle and turn your board. At the completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skill to be a SUP Paddler.
Try a SUP

Will I get wet?
To get onto your board, you will need to walk out into the water to about knee deep. So your feet and calves will get wet when you enter and exit the lake with your board. Please bring footwear that can get wet. Wetsuit boots, sandals with a heel attachment or bare feet all work depending on the time of year and water/air temperatures. We use very stable boards for this class, but when you are first learning how to be a Stand Up Paddler, you may fall in. This is part of the learning curve and does not happen to everyone. Please be prepared based on water and air temperatures for a quick dunk in the lake.

* Gear that is included in our lake class: Standup Paddleboard, paddle, lifejacket. Please bring appropriate warm clothing for this class.

Class Location: Littleton, CO (Chatfield State Park)

Map to Chatfield State Park, meet at the gravel pond at Chatfield State Park. Enter through the main entrance to the park off of Wadsworth Blvd ( $6.00 per vehicle ). Go right at the T-intersection. Follow the road south for about 1 mile. The road will turn to the left, and on the right you will see a body of water. This is the gravel pond. Take a right on the first dirt road and go 200 yards to the parking lot at the end. This is where you will be met by your instructor.

SUP Schedule for Chatfield Reservoir
Fridays 9am-11:30am, Fridays 12:30-3pm

The prices above may not be current.

We no longer offer reservations for this adventure.

Please contact: Renaissance Adventure Guides at 303-988-2943
You can also contact them by email at:

Class fees are based on a groups of 4 or more. If a class has low registration, we will give you the option of a private class, reschedule or refund.

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