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Canoe Rentals
Our 37th Year!

Canoe Rental Packages

* Mad River Journey 156
* 15’6" long
* 37" width for great stability
* 2 person
* Gear space
* Great for lakes and mellow rivers

Package includes:
* Canoe
* 2 paddles
* 2 PFDs, (Personal Floatation Device)

Rent a canoe to paddle on lakes or rivers.

The Journey Canoe by Mad River is a great canoe for day trips, family outings and for overnight canoe trips. Whether it is the remote areas that you can access with a canoe, a fishing trip or the exercise you get, there is nothing like messing around in a canoe. Renting a canoe for a trip with a partner can be a great romantic get-away. Your options are endless and we have the canoe for you.

Rent a Canoe

Mad River Journey 156

The Journey series has been penned by Mad River Canoe founder Jim Henry. Designed as a fully capable series of canoes that are welcoming to new paddlers yet have the performance, capabilities, and capacities to please experienced canoeists. Crafted of our 3 layer polyethylene, they are very durable and care-free. In keeping with Mr Henry’s history and philosophy, they paddle very well, with a surprising turn of speed and rock solid stability. It’s hard to go wrong on a Journey.

* PFD stands for Personal Floatation Device, also known as a Lifejacket.

1. Check the calendar for availability
2. Reserve your rental and specify dates.
3. Your card will be Authorized (not charged) for the amount of the damage deposit at the time of pickup, (the security deposit).
4. Half day rentals are picked up and dropped off between 11am and 3pm.
5. Overnight rentals can be picked up after 5pm and returned before 11am the next day.
6. One day rentals are upto 24 hours.
7. You get a free pickup and drop off evening/morning for rentals that are a minimum of 2 days.

Due to the rental shop opening May 1st., we are not offering half day rentals until after May 1 and will arrange to meet rental pickups and returns before May 1st.

Rental Requirements
The person renting the equipment must sign a waiver and be at least 18 years of age. A security deposit is required for the value of the item being rented. The security deposit is best as an imprint of your credit card. If the person picking up the rental is under the age of 18, the waiver will need to be signed by a parent. Please contact us for the paper work if a youth will need to pickup the rental without a parent.

Our canoe rentals are intended to be used on lakes or flat rivers. Whitewater is not recommended. Experienced canoeists may feel comfortable on class 2 whitewater rivers. * If you reserve an item that is already reserved, yet not marked on the calendar, we will contact you immediately to resolve the issue. It’s rare, but it’s possible for an item to be double booked before the calendar is properly updated.

We offer a free pick-up and a free return day on rentals that are two days or more. For example, a rental that is picked up 5pm on Friday and returned at 11am Monday, would only be considered a two-day rental. For these rentals, you may pick up your rental 4pm to 6pm the day before your trip. Your rental must be returned 10am to 12pm for the return day to be free. Afternoon returns are counted toward your total rental days. When you pick up the equipment, you will need to load it onto your vehicle. It’s the driver’s responsibility to check that gear is properly loaded. Please bring tie downs if you plan to load rental items on the roof of your vehicle. We have some cam straps to help.

Upon Return
* Please clean all equipment before returning it. A wet sponge cleaning is fine. * Once the gear is clean, bring it to the back entrance of our store on 15th St. Notify an employee that you are ready to check in gear. They will check all equipment for damage. If there is damage, your security deposit will be held until the cost of repairs are determined. At that point, you will be notified of charges, and they will be added to your card. Then the security deposit authorization will be lifted.

Excessive Damage
Fees for excessive wear and tear including holes, tears, large abrasions will be accessed based on repair materials, labor and depreciation of the equipment.

Damage and Security Deposit
A fully refundable damage/loss security deposit is required at the time of pick-up, & will be held with your personal check or credit card. Repair charges will be assessed for repairable damaged equipment. A contract/liability waiver must be signed by the renter at the time of pick-up.

We no longer offer reservations for this rental gear.

Please contact: Whitewater Sport at 720-239-2179
Between May 1st and Labor Day when they are open.
You can also contact them by email at:

Rental Pickup Location
Whitewater Sport at 3600 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO. Shop Hours: 10am to 6pm
Please see our directions and driving times in the upper right hand corner of this page for the location of Boulder, Colorado. You can enter a starting location and our website will load a Google Printable Map for you and estimate your drive time.

Cancellations/Refund Policy
50% of the rental fee is non-refundable reservation fee. Within 7 days of the rental pickup, funds are committed and non-refundable. With 48 hours or more lead time, your rental may be rescheduled. We do not offer refunds due to weather or water conditions.

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