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Kayak Introduction Lesson
Our 37th Year!

Kayak Instruction

Kayak Introduction Lessons

This lesson is great for youths through adults who like the outdoors.

This course is designed for those who haven't ever paddled before but want to get into the exciting sport of whitewater kayaking. The majority of our beginning students have never been in a kayak or have very little paddling experience. The majority of our beginning students have never been in a kayak or have very little paddling experience. This two hour lesson is an introduction to kayaking. It is a great lesson to wet your appetite for kayaking. You can follow up this class with one of our one night rolling classes. If you wish to learn the sport of kayaking we recommend that you take the Novice Lake Lesson where you learn the very basics up through the techniques needed for river kayaking. This course (or a demonstration of equivalent ability) and the two sessions of the one night rolling classes or our 3 night rolling session are prerequisites for our river trips.
Learn to Kayak
What to Expect:
This is an economical way to try kayaking. For those people that know they want to learn the sport of kayaking, we recommend taking our Novice Lake Lesson. Whether you want to paddle lakes, rivers, or oceans, this lesson will give you a taste of kayaking. Your program begins with an introduction to the boat and equipment. Topics covered include: wet exit, paddle strokes (sweep, forward, correction strokes), hip snap, braces, and bow-rescue.
All gear is provided, just bring a bathing suit and towel. After completion of this course you will have the necessary skills to progress to one of our kayak one night rolling lessons.
Scheduling Format:
Our kayak introduction lesson is available in Golden, Colorado.

Kayak Introductory Lessons Fee Per/person Hours
Pool Classes $60.00 2 Hours

Golden Pool Lesson
Golden Community Center Map

Dates: (To sign up online, click on the trip/clinic of your choice.)
Fee: $60.00

Refund Policy
Cancellations 5 days or more before your class dates are refundable less a 10% reservation fee. You can reschedule your class (subject to availability) without any penalties if you notify Renaissance Adventure Guides 5 days prior to your class date. With-in 5 days of your class date, your funds are committed and are non-refundable.

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