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Zip Line Tours Idaho Springs
Our 37th Year!

Zip Line Tours over Clear Creek

Idaho Springs, Colorado

Zipping high over the river Welcome to the newest, most exciting adventure this side of Denver! Our tower canopy tour along Clear Creek in Idaho Springs has five launch towers that reach up to 65 feet in height. Imagine stepping off a platform that’s more than 6 stories high! Zip high above the treetops and over the rushing river to the next tower that’s more than a thousand feet away. You’ll enjoy amazing views of the surrounding canyons, river and highway in every direction and zip thousands of feet on a trip with us.

Among the longest and highest courses in Colorado
Zip more than 3,000 feet total!
Zoom nearly a quarter mile on the longest ride!
Climb just a few sets of stairs before the fun begins
Zippers remain high above the ground the entire time
Only 35 minutes from downtown Denver!

Start your zipline adventure by gearing up in a climbing harness, helmet and gloves. Your guide will explain the gear and how to use it, as well as give a safety briefing and demonstration. You’ll climb the first launch tower, clip into a double wheel pulley and step off!
The force of gravity will zip you down the cable high among the pine treetops to a landing platform on the next tower! Look down over the river to see roaring rapids and possibly a few rafts and paddlers in the water.

Complete five zips in all!
Cross over Clear Creek three times

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Clear Creek Zip Trip
Zip Lines are Fun! Scream through the treetops on this brand new heart-stopping zipline high above the roaring rapids of Clear Creek! Zip for over 3,000 feet on this amazing course built on historic mining claims where gold was first discovered in Colorado. Climb sky high 65' towers for the thrill of a lifetime as you soar across five separate ziplines (the longest is 1,200 feet!) crossing Clear Creek three times. This is one trip you do not want to miss!

Meeting Time: 30 minutes prior to trip time
Meeting Location: Idaho Springs (Argo Mine Bldg)

Zip Schedule/Times
Choose one of these Zip Time options
Fall Schedule:
Late morning and Early afternoon Sept 15th - Nov. 15th, Friday-Mondays.

Summer Schedule
Day Zip Times: Early AM, (8am-10am), Late AM, (10am-12pm), Early Afternoon, (1pm-3pm), Late Afternoon, (3pm-5pm)

We will call you once we have your reservation to confirm the best exact Zip Time.

Choose your trip! Fee
Clear Creek Zip Trip $89.00

* Save 5% for groups of 10 or more!
Minimum Requirements: 48" tall & 65 to 250 lbs. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
These trips have an additional use fee of 8%

We no longer are booking this tour. This tour no longer meets our strict customer service criteria.

Meeting Place & Time
Checkin time is 30 minutes before the trip time. So a 9am trip will have a checkin time of 8:30am.
In the upper right hand corner of this page, you can enter your location or a point that you know of and hit enter and google maps will open and show you a map to the meeting location and driving time.

The meeting location for this adventure is at: 2697 Stanley Road, Dumont, CO, 80452, near Idaho Springs.

What is a Zipline?
What is a Zip Line? A zipline consists of a cable or series of cables mounted on slight inclines that allow movement from one end to the other. They have been around a long time, sometimes used instead of bridges in remote mountain areas or to move supplies from one side of a river to the other. Zipline participants attach their harness to a pulley that is mounted on the cable, using the force of gravity to traverse the line from top to bottom. Some ziplines go over canyons, starting on the canyon rim while others start on manmade towers that participants climbs to initially gain height. All this sounds technical and of course, does not describe the fun part — the absolute thrill of flying through the air and screaming with delight! And don’t worry, we do teach you how to stop.

Who can participate?
Kids of all ages are welcome! Our minimum height of 48 inches, and a minimum weight of 65 pounds and a maximum weight of 250 pounds, are requirements. All children under 14 years must be accompanied by a participating adult. Please call our office with any questions. Participants must be able to fit into our harnesses and be in good health. If you are pregnant, have heart trouble or other medical concerns, please consult your doctor before participating. You will need to sign an Assumption of Risk Waiver.

What should I wear?
Because you’ll be wearing a climbing harness, we recommend pants but knee-length shorts are fine. No loose clothing or jewelry. And please pull back your long hair. For your safety, bare feet, sandals and flip flips are not allowed. Closed-toe shoes are required. Sorry, no Crocs! We also suggest a strap for your sunglasses/glasses.

Can I bring my camera?
Since we can’t retrieve cameras dropped in the river, we have hired professional photographers to record your memories. They will capture the expression of your kids’ faces as they scream across the zipline! Be sure to stop by the front desk to review your photo CD available for purchase.

Is it safe?
Safety is our number one concern! We use only the highest quality equipment and our course has been designed, constructed and inspected by Adventure Experience, Inc. a professional vendor member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Our zipline course and staff are fully trained to ACCT standards. The staff inspects the course and gear daily. As with any outdoor adventure experience, some inherent risk is involved.

What if it rains?
A little rain won’t stop the fun! However, we will delay/cancel a trip due to high winds and/or lightening.

When should we arrive?
Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your trip time. Before participating, you will need to sign our Assumption of Risk Waiver. Our professional staff will then provide a safety briefing, demonstration and fit you with a harness, helmet and gloves. Now you are ready for take-off!

Refund Policy

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